US Navy Awards Creare LLC SBIR Phase II Option for Waste-to-Energy Project Based on Cogent Energy Systems’ HelioStorm Gasifier

Cogent Energy Systems today announced that its engineering partner, Creare LLC of Hanover NH, was awarded the Option Phase for its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant from the US Navy. The new grant extends funding for Creare to continue fabricating a complete waste-to-electricity system using Cogent Energy Systems’ HelioStorm Gasifier as the core waste processing technology.  Currently, the team is conducting shake-down tests of Cogent’s HelioStorm Gasifier unit. Creare will use the additional funds to build, integrate and test the full end-to-end system. When complete, the integrated system will be capable of cleanly converting up to 3.5 tons per day of mixed waste into energy-rich synthesis gas. This syngas will then be directly combusted in a commercial electric generator to produce almost 800 kWh of net electricity per ton of waste processed. This electricity will be available on-site for general use at a base or naval operation.

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